The Name Speaks for Itself!

Rock Hard Erections, Improved Sexual Satisfaction, No Side Affects.

Maximizes Your Erection Potential, Short Rebounding, Greater Intensity

The Erector is a herbal supplement with several  potent natural ingredients. The Erector is  more effective and longer lasting than the majority of sex pills on the market.

Why is THE ERECTOR better?

Drugs like Viagra or Cialis can have unwanted dangerous side affects. The Erector lacks those side effects. The Erector works if you consume alcohol but since alcohol acts as a depressant,  it may lessen the required results. The Erector may be taken on a full or empty stomach, results have found to be better if taken on an empty stomach. For even faster results, the capsule may be taken apart and the ingredients placed under the tongue.

How much can I take and how?

The suggested dosage is 1 pill per day (24hr period).  The Erector should be taken no less than 30 minutes  prior to sexual activity. It is suggested that The Erector be taken 3-4 hours prior to sexual activity. The affects will last for 72 hours!

So, what will THE ERECTOR do for me?

Your erection will  be stronger, harder and longer during intercourse. The amount of time required for recovery ( when you’re ready to go again) will be shorten. Each orgasm will be more intense. You will become a “pleaser” not a teaser!